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New – Now Available January 2014

Assessments for Biomedical Equipment Technicians

To meet the Joint Commission Employee Competency Requirements

License agreements available to assess the strengths and weakness of the technicians, then place them in on-line courses to improve their skills. 
Perfect for biomedical department managers to assess and monitor their BMETs knowledge base on medical devices.
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Welcome to Biomed Ed, your education, training and competence source for the biomedical engineering technology profession

Biomed Ed provides the highest quality education and training resources for individuals who maintain medical equipment and systems.
 Education and training programs are provided in a wide variety of methods:
  • Face-to-Face - Traditional classroom lecturer to students with paper copies of handouts for note taking.
  • Hands-on Laboratory - Some courses offer hands-on laboratory experiments to reinforce classroom lecturers.
  • Recorded Lecturers - For those who are not able to travel, they can watch a recorded presentation while following along with electronic handouts.
  • Live Webinars - For those individuals who can not travel, they can participate through live internet connection. Individuals have electronic copy of handouts and can interact with questions to the instructor or other students.
  • Recorded Webinars - In the event you miss a live webinar, watch it on your own time. Individuals can start, pause and watch the video multiple times and have electronic handouts. 
  • Consulting Service are also available for customized education, training and wide variety of management topics.



Weekly and On-line courses are available for:
Electronics, Medical Equipment and Computers & Networking.
Webinars are available to assist in preparation for the CBET certification exam.

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