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  Study Resources for Biomedical Equipment Technician CBET Certification

Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) certification is a positive step in a lifelong career in the medical equipment maintenance profession.
This web site has been created to provide study guides and sample exam questions for those preparing to take the CBET certification. This material is not intended to “teach” individuals, but rather review and renew materials that have been learned through education, training and work experience.
When you register for one of the webinar courses, here is what you receive:
  • Live Webinars - Participation in live webinars of CBET topic course from your location. During the live interactive webinar; listen, watch and ask questions to the instructor and the participants. You can also add comments to add to the presentation. Most webinars begin at 6:00 pm eastern standard time on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening
  • Recorded Webinars - In the event you miss a webinar you can watch one at your convenience. Each CBET topic course has 3 videos that are approximately 1 hour long (for the 3 hour session) and can be down loaded from the website.

  • Handouts - Each CBET topic course has handouts in pdf format that you can view and print from the website.

  • Topic Specific Quizzes - These are practice quizzes on each CBET course area that you take on line. As soon as you are completed with all of the questions, it is graded displaying the correct and incorrect responses. You can take these as many times as you like.

  • Scrambled Quizzes - For each CBET topic course, there is a question bank that you can select 10-20-30-50 questions to take as a practice quiz. Each time the questions are randomly selected and scrambled, so you will get different questions on each attempt. You can take these as many times as you like and it will display the correct and incorrect responses.

  • References for Additional Study Materials – There are web links, other handouts and recommendations for other study materials.

  • Up to 6 Months Access to the Website - Based upon when you create your account and make payment, you can have access to the website to begin study preparation months in advance. Registrations run from November – April and May – October each year (these are based upon the exam scheduled dates of the first week in May and November).

  • Random Question Sample Exam - If you register for all 5 CBET topic courses, you will have access to a sample CBET exam (150 questions balanced as the CBET exam would be)

Note: Some questions in the scrambled questions are incomplete at this time. This is a works in progress and files/images are being loaded on a regular basis.
To view the Spring 2012 schedule for registration, exam dates and scheduled Webinars, please click on the link: Spring 2012 Webinar Schedule
Registration and an investment is required for each course. Access is available through the date of the next upcoming certification exam as scheduled by the ICC. For more information on the investment, please follow the link: Investment  
Course content for the certification preparation is managed on a course management website:
To access the site, each user must create an account by following the "Create a New Account" at the login in on the top right of the website. After the account is created, you can select to participate in all of the webinars and study materials, or choose the modules you want. Payment is made after making a selection and then you will have access to the content. To begin your registration, please follow the link below or type in the address above:
Click Here to go to the: BET Certification Preparation Web Site        

Biomed Ed BET Certification Registration and Access Information - For more specific information on how to register and what you will be accessing, simply click on this link. 

For hospitals and business, purchase orders will be accepted. To register, please use on of the following forms:
Registration on-line: Registration Form for Purchase Orders      Registration form download: Registration form
 To verify your PC and networking technical requirement for connecting to the webinar, please follow the link: Technical Requirements for Webinar 

Note: Biomed Ed is NOT a certification web site for biomedical equipment technicians. Biomed Ed provides individuals with resources to assist them in preparing to take the examination for certification. For additional information on the certification process, please follow the like below to the AAMI web site for more information. Biomed Ed works directly with DITEC in providing webinars and other training materials. For additional webinars offered by DITEC, please visit: